Scouting and Your Habitat: Building a Partnership

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Learn how to align your conservation goals with the goals of the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts through this casual interview with experts in scouting.  Find out how Girl Scout patches and Boy Scout badges, and service learning projects with both groups, can help you meet your conservation goals and get projects accomplished. We’ll give you a breakdown of different age groups and the requirements for each, so can understand what to expect from your conservation partners. Listen as a scout leader tells you how to connect with scouts in your area. This course will offer a brief overview of the organizational structure and how each organization operates.  The knowledge learned in this course will help make your conservation goals be relevant to scouting goals—forging a long-lasting, mutually beneficial partnership, as you discover how you can meet their learning goals while enhancing your habitat or strengthening your community engagement.

Level: Recommended for those beginning or considering a relationship with Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, or those seeking to maximize their efforts with these conservation-focused organizations. Also highly recommended for those seeking to establish a small community engagement program that is highly effective in its conservation and education outcomes.

Rebecca Culler, Education Specialist, Wildlife Habitat Council

View the webinar

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