Slow and Steady Can Win: How Investing in Turtle Conservation Projects Can Protect these Vulnerable Species

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Turtles are an integral part of many terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, but the importance of these slow-moving reptiles is often overlooked. Indeed, recent studies show that turtles are among the most threatened of the major groups of vertebrates. Join this presentation led by a turtle conservation expert to hear about turtle ecology and conservation, and how site-based corporate conservation can play a valuable role in protecting these species over the long term.

You’ll learn:

  • How turtles contribute to the health of a variety of land and water environments
  • The consequences of losing turtle populations
  • Actions corporate conservation programs can take to help monitor and conserve turtle populations, with a case study of wood turtle conservation in Virginia

Who should take this webinar:

  • Site team members wanting to start managing for turtles at their facility
  • Site team members or partners looking to enhance their turtle conservation efforts
  • Anyone interested in learning more about turtles


  • Tom Akre, Program Scientist, Working Land and Seascapes, Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute

View the webinar.

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