The Nature-Positive Journey: Why Now Is the Time for Your Company to Get Started

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With the establishment of the global goal to become nature-positive by 2030, the private sector is increasingly discussing its role in meeting this goal. But the idea of nature positivity can seem broad and uncertain, and many companies may be wondering where to begin. 

At WHC, we’ve worked to answer this question by identifying a journey to nature positivity that meets companies where they are and supports them in reaching their goals. During this webinar, WHC will introduce steps companies can take, providing a better understanding of where to focus attention. These steps can support a company in developing an informed corporate nature strategy.  

What you’ll learn: 

  • Why now is the time for companies to focus on their nature-positive journey 
  • The nature-related frameworks, initiatives and standards companies should be most aware of and how they interconnect 
  • What the journey to nature positivity looks like for the private sector 
  • How WHC can support companies on their nature-positive journey 
  • The key components of a corporate nature strategy 

Who should take this webinar: 

  • Company executives interested in creating a corporate nature strategy 
  • ESG and sustainability professionals looking to understand the key considerations for developing a corporate nature strategy 


  • Shaun Clark, WHC, Senior Consultant 
  • Rob Campbell, WHC, Director, Consulting 
  • Margaret O’Gorman, WHC, President
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