The Road to Recovery: Supporting Species of Concern on Corporate Lands

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As the global biodiversity crisis grows more dire, private landowners have taken an increasingly central role in species recovery. Corporate lands of all sizes, and in all locations, can support the needs of local species of concern, but the planning and implementation of species recovery projects, particularly those with regulatory components, can be complex.   

In this webinar, panelists from Boeing, CEMEX and Toyota will discuss their teams’ work with species of concern (plants, reptiles and large mammals) and share insights on how to conduct voluntary recovery work or exceed regulatory stipulations in order to make a meaningful impact on biodiversity.  

What you’ll learn:  

  • The biodiversity, community and regulatory benefits to supporting species recovery on corporate lands 
  • Strategies for planning and implementing a species recovery project and for maintaining a long-lasting project 
  • How species projects can tie into local, regional and federal recovery efforts 

Who should take this webinar:  

  • Project teams who want to explore new ways to support species of concern on their sites 
  • Land managers who are complying with species-related regulations, but want to go above and beyond what’s required 
  • Anyone who wants to ensure the longevity of their company’s existing species recovery efforts 


  • Paul Costa, Sr. EHS Specialist, The Boeing Company 
  • Alejandro Espinosa, CoordinatorConservation Programs, CEMEX  
  • JoAnn Ortiz, Analyst Operations – Facilities, Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Texas, Inc.  

View the webinar

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