Using Employee Education to Strengthen your Volunteer Team: The “Lunch and Learn” Approach

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Join WHC staff from the Biology and Education Department where you will learn how employee education, through “Lunch and Learns”, is an effective way to strengthen your volunteer team for both Wildlife at Work and Corporate Lands for Learning programs. “Lunch and Learns” are training events scheduled during the lunch hour, which provide learning and training opportunities that might not otherwise fit into a busy workday. By offering the training sessions at lunch time, these “Lunch and Learns” can garner more interest in your programs, gain further support from the workforce on-site, and encourage more people to join your volunteer team. Through this course, participants will learn how “Lunch and Learns” can improve employee skills, increase attention and recognition of team efforts and accomplishments, create awareness of particular issues, and improve internal communication about your programs. In addition, case studies are presented from Wildlife at Work and Corporate Lands for Learning programs that successfully utilize the “Lunch and Learn” approach to employee education.

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