Nature-based Solutions for Pollution Prevention

Exploring how nature-based solutions (NbS) contribute to pollution reduction and provide a myriad of co-benefits for environment and community alike

From strategic tree plantings to wetland restoration projects, nature-based solutions (NbS) are quickly becoming a key part of many pollution prevention strategies. These solutions are accessible, scalable, and offer many co-benefits, like increased biodiversity and climate resilience. NbS can advance pollution prevention goals on corporate lands while enhancing ecosystem services and contributing to local, regional, and large-scale restoration efforts.

WHC is being funded under EPA’s Source Reduction Assistance (SRA) Grant program to explore the opportunities to implement NbS for pollution reduction across the automotive industry. Through a program of technical assistance, research and analysis, stakeholder engagement and workshops, this effort seeks to develop and advance nature-based solutions as pollution prevention in the industry.

Building and Nature

2022 Activities- Workshop Title: Nature-based Solutions (NbS) as Pollution Prevention (P2) within the Automotive Sector Workshop Participants included employees from the following companies and organization:

Battery Solutions | DENSO Manufacturing Tennessee | ERA Environmental Management Solutions | geff L.P. | General Motors | GZA | Mazda Toyota | Stellantis | Suppliers Partnership for the Environment | Tetra Tech | Toyota

Download the partner workshop pre-read.

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Funded by the US EPA Region 4 Source Reduction Assistance Grant, through the
Pollution Prevention Program (P2)



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