Waste Management El Sobrante Landfill and Wildlife Preserve

Corona, California, United States

Certified Gold through 2026

Project Name
Project Type
Riversidian Sage Scrub
Other Habitats
Burrowing Owl
Stephens' kangaroo rat
Boy & Girl Scout Projects
Awareness & Community Engagement
Stephens Kangaroo Rat
Species of Concern
Many-Stemmed Dudleya
Rocky Areas
Riparian Habitat Restoration
Wetlands & Water Bodies
Western Spadefoot Toad
Reptiles & Amphibians
California Gnatcatcher Restoration
Dawson Canyon
Least Bell’s Vireo
Least Bell's Vireo
Species of Concern
Wildflower Fields
Other Habitats
About the Program
The El Sobrante Landfill is located in Riverside County, to the east of the Temescal Valley in Southern California. The landfill, which is 468 acres, has the disposal capacity of 10 million tons. Surrounding the landfill is 680 acres of land that has been placed into permanent habitat conservation. Upon closure, the landfill will be added to the El Sobrante Wildlife Preserve and will total over 1,300 acres of protected habitat. In preparation for this, El Sobrante manages several unique habitats on-site, as well as over 31 plant and animal species that are of conservation importance through an Habitat Conservation Plan.
Practices and Impacts
  • The Riversidian Sage Scrub habitat project exceeds regulatory requirements and has transformed what was previously a landfill and non-native vegetation into a high-quality native habitat area. 
  • The burrowing owl is a species that is declining throughout California. With the goal of creating a colony of burrowing owls on-site, the team installed artificial burrows to provide sheltering and nesting opportunities for the species. Since installation, the team has observed one nesting pair and three individuals wintering at El Sobrante.
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