Fidelity Investments

Fidelity Investments, Smithfield, Rhode Island

Smithfield, Rhode Island, United States

Certified through 2024

Project Name
Project Type
Avian Project - Species Project
About the Program
Fidelity Investment’s Corporate Office is about 10 miles northwest of Providence. The site includes 400 acres of forest, and the team's conservation objectives are to maintain a diverse balance to the forest habitat and a sustainable campus and to create and to maintain breeding habitats to increase the population of bluebirds and swallows.

Practices and Impacts
  • The team manages 400 acres of forest, with the objective of maintaining diverse forest habitat as part of their sustainable campus standards. They maintain an inventory of 3,521 trees – including data for common name, diameter at breast height (DBH), condition class, maintenance tasks and estimated value – with the assistance of Bartlett Tree Expert and Brightview Landscaping. They seek to double the number of trees in their inventory database.
  • Twelve bluebird boxes are monitored, and data is provided to NestWatch.  
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