Shell USA, Inc.

Woodcreek Campus

Houston, Texas, United States

Certified Gold through 2024

Project Name
Project Type
Shell Woodcreek Pollinator Gardens
Hummingbird Collision Reduction
Monarch Butterflies
Snake Relocation
Reptiles & Amphibians
Shell WCK Environmental Awareness Day (Earth Day)
Awareness & Community Engagement
Westwood Elementary Pollinator Education Day
Formal Learning
About the Program
Shell's Woodcreek Campus is located in the Energy Corridor District, a corporate business park in west Houston. The property is bordered to the north by Addicks Reservoir and to the south by Interstate 10. Woodcreek Campus houses approximately 5,100 staff, with exploration and production employees accounting for the largest majority of employees. The program was first certified in 2010. The property was acquired in 1978, and the main buildings and open parking lot were constructed shortly thereafter. The original building plans were designed to allow as much natural greenspace to remain as possible. As the campus has expanded in recent years, it remains the goal of Woodcreek Campus to conserve and manage as much natural habitat as possible. Currently, the buildings, walkways, parking areas, pollinator garden and landscaped pond occupy roughly one-half of the total 90 acres. 

Practices and Impacts
  • Landscaped areas are planted with native species, creating wildflower gardens to support native pollinator species. Every year, the team plants native wildflowers on a Hike and Bike trail that runs behind the site. Thus far, 60 acres are being managed, providing an important food source and cover for variety of insects, birds, butterflies and mammals.
  • The employee team monitors the gardens regularly for pollinator activity, including Monarch butterflies. 
  • Shell Woodcreek staff perform weekly garden inspection walks to monitor plant health, invasive plant species and pollinator activity. Team members are also surveying for injured or dead hummingbirds as part of their hummingbird window collision reduction program. They take preventative and adaptive measures to help eliminate window collisions. Injured birds are transported to a local wildlife rehabilitation center for treatment. 
  • During the weekly garden inspections, staff are also looking for native snake species in areas that might be dangerous for the snakes or humans. When snakes are discovered on the grounds, trained team members are called in to relocate the snakes to the neighboring Addick's Reservoir property, a more natural environment for the snakes. 
  • Shell engages their employee community with an annual Environmental Awareness Day. These events usually involve outside partners and internal stakeholders hosting an on-site event. During COVID-19, event coordinators found creative ways to maintain employee engagement. One thousand trees were made available for staff members to plant at home, and the Children's Development Center planted seedlings on-site. 
  • As part of Shell's commitment to STEM education, the Woodcreek team worked with Westwood Elementary School to supplement their classrooms with pollinator-theme classroom lessons. Volunteers taught first and second grade students about butterflies and bats. The school and Woodcreek team hope to make this a bi-annual event post-pandemic. This is part of the 'Energize Your Future with Shell' campaign. 
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