Buzzi Unicem USA, Inc.

Stockertown Plant

Stockertown, Pennsylvania, United States

Certified Silver through 2024

Project Name
Project Type
Meadow Learning Tours and Events
Awareness & Community Engagement
American Chestnut Demonstration Orchard
Other Species
About the Program
In eastern Pennsylvania, the corporate lands of Buzzi Unicem USA’s Stockertown Plant feature a diversity of habitats that serve both educational and conservation purposes, including ponds, meadow grasslands, streams and orchards. Efforts aim to protect habitats, promote wildlife presence and restore native species, such as the American chestnut that is critically endangered across the Appalachian region. The grassland is the most expansive habitat and now encompasses 75 acres. The site has historically hosted multiple student groups each year, with a focus on middle and high school students and lesson plans that closely align with Pennsylvania’s STEM education standards. The overall goals of these efforts are to raise student awareness about the environment and local habitats and spark their interest in environmental careers.

Practices and Impacts
  • Since September 2009, the meadow learning tours and events have engaged 200 students, employees and their families and other community members
  • Activities on-site and in the meadow habitat provide real, hands-on STEM opportunities for students to engage in and understand seasonal and other environmental changes.
  • Due to COVID, project events have been different these last few years, where they have hosted one school, an employees and sons/daughters visit, an anniversary event walk-through and a few other events that hosted small professional groups. 
  • Initially planted in early ​​2014, the orchard targets American chestnuts' recovery, as it was once crucial to wildlife in the area. 
  • The orchard project includes other species — like European and Asian chestnuts — to assess for strains resistant to environmental stressors, especially a fungus that has caused blight among American chestnuts. 
  • The orchard is regularly mowed, pruned, weeded and replanted with targeted species and strains.
  • Annual audits that note tree conditions, size and re-sprouting have allowed The American Chestnut Foundation and others to study the species to help in the local recovery of the American chestnut.
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