Aristeo Construction

Aristeo Pollinator Garden

Livonia, Michigan, United States

Certified through 2023

Project Name
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Aristeo Pollinator Garden

About the Program
The Aristeo Pollinator Garden lies within the Rouge River Watershed, which is a medium sized watershed in Metro-Detroit that drains 467 square miles. The garden is less than 2 miles from the Rouge River. The objectives of the pollinator garden are to increase the quantity of pollinator habitat in the area for common pollinator species as well as a few specific species, increase the quality of pollinator habitat with pollinator friendly techniques, and educate employees on the importance of pollinator habitats. 

Practices and Impacts

  • Aristeo's Pollinator Garden was designed to provide the best possible habitat for pollinator species using multiple best practices. Aristeo chose native plant species that are adapted to the local soil and climate to ensure the most successful garden and provide the best possible source of food for pollinators. Native flowering plants chosen overlap blooming times to ensure food availability for pollinator species throughout the growing season. The nectar/pollen producing plants are strategically dispersed throughout the garden to ensure forage availability throughout the entire space.
  • Plants were also chosen to provide nesting or larval host sites for pollinator species, and some of them (like grasses and shrubs) were grouped together to provide more effective nesting and overwintering habitat. Food sources and pollinator nesting sites are designed for close proximity.
  • Structures added to the garden are strategically placed to benefit pollinator species. Boulders with flat surfaces were chosen to provide basking areas and placed in the southwest corner of the garden where they would receive sunlight for much of the day. Bee blocks were built according to specifications received from the WHC, and were placed near the middle of the garden, facing east.
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