IBM Corporation

IBM Research - Almaden

San Jose, California, United States

Certified through 2023

Project Name
Project Type
Western Blue Birds
About the Program
IBM Corporation’s Almaden site in San Jose, California, consists of approximately 40 acres of developed land and 650 acres of wild land. The area includes habitats such as non-native and serpentine grasslands, sage scrubs, native oaks and a large grove of eucalyptus. A goal of the site is the recovery, restoration and enhancement of native cavity nesting birds, including the western bluebird. The decline of the species can be attributed to the loss of natural nesting cavities, increased competition from house sparrows and European starlings and the reduction of insects due to the use of pesticides.

Practices and Impacts
  • The team has constructed, placed, managed and monitored 115 on-site nest boxes in suitable habitat.
  • Volunteers monitor each nest box during the nesting season. All nesting data gathered by volunteers is included in a database and reported to interested organizations such as the National Audubon Society and California Bluebird Recovery Program.
  • Boxes are also designed with bird safety in mind, with slanted roofs to deter predators from perching, snake guards and a design that lowers the temperature of the boxes.