Vulcan Materials Company

Madras Quarry

Newnan, Georgia, United States

Certified through 2022

Project Name
Project Type
Nest Structures (Blue Bird, Purple Martin, & Wood Duck)
About the Program
Vulcan Materials Company's Madras Quarry encompasses 340 acres located southwest of Atlanta, Georgia. The site includes grassland, wetlands, ponds, and 20 acres of forest habitat. Since 1995, the company has aimed to provide a safe habitat for native birds and to increase the population of eastern songbirds on site. 

Practices and Impacts
  • Madras Quarry’s wildlife team has maintained over 20 nest boxes designed for bluebirds, purple martins, and wood ducks for the last 25 years. Bluebird boxes have supported both bluebirds and chickadees during their breeding season. In an effort to reduce brood parasitism from cowbirds and starlings, the nest boxes are designed to prevent these larger birds from entering the boxes.
  • Several bird nests naturally occur across the quarry. Whether it is bluebirds or killdeer, the wildlife team makes efforts to protect these nests from the disturbance of site operations.
  • The team checks the bird boxes to determine repair or replacements needed. During the nesting season, the Team checks the boxes for hatchlings and fledgings.
  • Scouts help maintain the birdboxes including replacing and painting the boxes on alternate years.