Chevron Cincinnati Facility

Cleves, Ohio, United States

Certified through 2022

Project Name
Project Type
Cincinnati refinery wetland
Wetlands & Water Bodies

About the Program
At a refinery in the southwest corner of Ohio, Chevron aims to promote grassland and wetland habitats, which includes enhancing the local and regional biodiversity, needs of native species, and a healthy predator-prey ecosystem balance. Launched in 2001, a wetlands project protects and actively manages eight acres of fragmented habitat adjacent to the Great Miami River and across from a 1,649-acre county park. Chevron has established vernal pools that provide amphibian habitat and the wetlands attract diverse bird species. They manage outflows from the refinery by utilizing a 2.1-acre settling pond and wetlands as a filtration system, along with monitoring water quality prior to its release into the neighboring river. 

Practices and Impacts

  • Monitored and maintained appropriate water levels to the seasonal and ecosystem needs, in addition to an area full of native plant species (35 in total), in addition to two invasive species they actively manage.
  • For the 2014-16 avian and amphibian assessments, fieldwork included the use of four acoustic monitoring devices and site visits (4 times for birds, and 2 times for amphibians) to conduct visual surveys.
  • Monitoring has influenced management via the culverts and sediment additions to the vernal pools in 2018.
  • Audio recordings detected the presence of nine of 12 amphibian species known in southwestern Ohio. 
  • Challenges were recognized with using acoustic monitoring devices, as they were only able to detect 40% of the 81 bird species identified during site visits.