General Motors Company

GM Canada HQ/McLaughlin Bay Wildlife Reserve

Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

Certified Silver through 2022

Project Name
Project Type
Native and Migratory Birds
Feathered Friends Festival
Awareness & Community Engagement

About the Program

General Motors Canada Headquarters, located adjacent to Lake Ontario in Oshawa, Canada, manufactures and markets a wide range of automobiles for North America. Directly behind the campus is McLaughlin Bay Wildlife Reserve, a 108 acre wildlife reserve that is open to the public. This area is home to over 400 species of plants and animal species. The conservation objectives are to maintain the expansive property's variety of native habitat to increase its use by wildlife, especially pollinators and migratory birds. In addition, the program seeks to provide access to the habitat by the public and educate local audiences on the importance of conserving native habitat and to learn how to identify birds and other wildlife present.

Practices and Impacts

  • In collaboration with Friends of Second Marsh, the team hosts the Feathered Friends Festival every year. This large community outreach event reaches up to 500 employees, families and community members.¬†Celebrating the return of migratory birds, guests attend live bird shows, contribute to the Pollinator Garden on site, build bird and bee houses, and take guided hikes to observe native bird species.
  • The team manages approximately 50 bird boxes and feeders throughout their property with the goal of providing necessary habitat and life cycle needs for native species. They have observed tree swallows, black capped chickadees, Eastern bluebirds, house wrens and house sparrows using their bird boxes.
  • The avian project provides nest boxes for native migratory birds that are cavity nest builders and monitors the nesting, egg laying, number of chicks and fledging success. The project has been successful in attracting black capped chickadees and tree swallows for some of the breeding/nesting period and is looking at ways to reduce mice use of the nest boxes.
  • The Feathered Friends Festival is an annual event that invites members of the public to interact on-site with the habitat and learn about the native wildlife and ecosystems. The festival has attracted upwards of 500 community members to participate in the activities and learn about the native habitat at GM's site.