General Motors Company

General Motors World Headquarters

Detroit, Michigan, United States

Certified Gold through 2023

Project Name
Project Type
Wildlife Habitat Educational Programs
Awareness & Community Engagement
GMRENCEN Living Wall
Green Infrastructure
About the Program
The General Motors World Headquarters program is operated in Detroit, Michigan, by the General Motors Company. The project sites are situated in and around the headquarter facility buildings, by the bank of the Detroit River in downtown Detroit. The area containing projects covers several acres. The RiverWalk leisure and nature area, managed by a conservancy group, and a state park with wetlands neighbor the site. As the headquarters receive many visitors, on-site projects are used as educational tools to increase visitor and employee awareness of local conservation issues, including the importance of pollinators, bats and wetland restoration.

Practices and Impacts
  • Large planters created from recycled materials house several species of plants. The plant species, including native wildflowers, have been selected for their attractiveness to wildlife, primarily pollinators and bats.
  • The site’s living wall provides wildlife with habitat. It is maintained by the team with help from volunteer gardeners. 
  • A variety of educational events (such as butterfly releases) and tours, aimed at increasing community awareness and engagement in conservation, take place throughout the year, reaching a large number of participants.
  • Events are of interest to children and adults, and cover subject areas such as bats, pollinators and local wetlands, topics linked to other projects at the site operated by the team.