Grifols Therapeutics LLC

Clayton Facility

Clayton, North Carolina, United States

Certified Silver through 2022

Project Name
Project Type
Clayton WHC Grasslands area
Formal Learning
About the Program
The Grifols Therapeutics Clayton Facility is approximately 25 miles from Raleigh, NC. The site features forests, grasslands and water bodies, all contained within over 300 acres on the north campus. This conserved land is outside of the scope of normal operations and is used for recreation by staff and friends. The property provides an important buffer to the ongoing suburban sprawl that has altered many native habitats in the area. The program covers forests, ponds, streams and grasslands, and the cumulative result of these habitats is a locally important ecosystem for wildlife. 

Practices and Impacts
  • The Grifols Forest protects and manages 247 acres of native forest habitat. The forest represents a vital local habitat, is a buffer against suburban sprawl and provides a home for many local species. The forest has trails throughout that are available for use by employees.
  • Adjacent to the forest habitat are 47 acres of grassland habitat. This grassland creates an alternative and complimentary habitat to the forest, to increase the variety of species in the area. The grassland also provides new education opportunities. The project team has thoroughly evaluated the species found in the area and hopes to increase the amount of native species.
  • The Grifols property also includes multiple water body habitats for native wildlife. There are two ponds, two retention ponds and streams that cross the property. The water bodies support many amphibious species, provide education opportunities and help contain local runoff.
  • The projects and their habitats provide a backdrop for the Formal Learning Internship Project. Grifols provides two internships per year for students from NCSU.  This helps the students gain in-habitat and real-world application of lessons and techniques taught in the classroom.  Additionally, it fulfills NCSU Forestry internship requirements. The internship program has been occurring since 2008.