CRH Americas Materials, Inc.

Mount Hope Quarry

Wharton, New Jersey, United States

Certified Silver through 2022

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Bat Monitoring & Conservation
Fish Population
Other Species
Bald Eagle Nest Monitoring
About the Program

The Mount Hope Quarry program is run by CRH Americas Materials Inc. Located in Rockaway Township, Morris County, New Jersey, the program site contains a working quarry. Rockaway Township is located approximately 35 miles north-west of New York City and is within the Rockaway River watershed. The program site is part of the New Jersey Highlands region, an area noted for its natural resources. The site contains wetlands, lake, and forested areas with trails. These habitats support a diversity of wildlife, and projects to monitor species such as freshwater fish, bats and bald eagles are operated by the team. 

Practices and Impacts

Bat Monitoring and Conservation
  • The project site is close to known bat hibernacula;
  • Monitoring by echolocation has identified several species of bat native to the region at the site;
  • Monitoring is important as bat populations in the region have been impacted by white-nose syndrome; data collected by the team is shared with the USFWS. 

Fish Population
  • With collaboration from a local sports club, catch records for fish caught in the lake are recorded;
  • Fishing takes place during most of the year and catch reports are used to assess species composition and abundance;
  • Fishing results help to ascertain the overall health of the lake. 

Bald Eagle Nest Monitoring
  • Breeding populations of bald eagles are classified as endangered in the state of New Jersey;
  • Bald eagles have been observed at the site since 2010, with a resident breeding pair nesting since 2012;
  • Frequent monitoring has followed the pair's behavior, with ten eaglets produced by the pair since observations began.