WIN Waste Innovations (formerly Wheelabrator Technologies)

Wheelabrator Gloucester

Westville, New Jersey, United States

Certified Silver through 2022

Project Name
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About the Program
The Wheelabrator Gloucester waste-to-energy facility is located in Westville NJ. The company maintains 150-acre wildlife refuge and trail open to the public. Located in an urban area just across the Delaware River from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the site offers wildlife educational opportunities that can be related to woodland, wetland, grassland, and riparian habitats. Thirty acres of grassland habitat is being restored to provide habitat for native species. There is also a pollinator garden at the facility. Goals are to improve habitat and provide education opportunities. There is one qualifying project: pollinator species.
Practices and Impacts
  • The company has long-term partnerships with several NGOs to help maintain and monitor habitat and wildlife in the refuge and the pollinator garden.
  • Employees assist NGOs with planting and maintenance of the garden. Employees also plan and participate in outreach and education such as site tours, annual bird counts, trash cleanups, and Environment Day.
  • NGOs provides data through annual butterfly monitoring in the pollinator garden. A total 45 species of butterfly have been observed from 2018-2020.
  • In 2018 the company and its partners hosted the first annual Environmental Day. The event included exploration of the butterfly garden, a nature trail walk, learning about pollinators and native quail, awareness of local conservation organizations, and learning about the habitat projects at the site.