Lafarge Canada Inc.

Onoway Aggregates - Onoway Wash Plant

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Certified Silver through 2023

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The Onoway Wash Plant, operated by Lafarge Canada Inc., is located on 92 hectares in central Alberta. It is 8.7 kilometers southeast of Onoway and 14.3 kilometers northwest of Stony Plain. The site is along Kilini Creek, which flows for 32.7 kilometers before draining into Matchayaw Lake, and eventually into the Sturgeon River. The area is in Alberta’s Boreal Forest Natural Region and Dry Mixedwood Subregion. The site is characterized by graminoid marsh and shallow open water wetland, with water covering more than 25% of the wetland and submersed aquatic vegetation. The area is dominated by water tolerant grasses and sedges, and is scattered with shrubs such as willows. Goals for the site include providing habitat for diverse groups of wildlife including bats.

Practices and Impacts
  • Ten bat boxes were installed at the Onoway Wash Plant in 2010. Habitat enhancement work continued in 2011 with the installation of two apartment-style, multi-chamber bat boxes built according to recommendations from Pennsylvania Game Commission. In autumn 2013, four additional apartment-style boxes were installed. Apartments were checked on three occasions from June to August 2020. More than 223 bats were observed using the apartment boxes during a single visit in June 2020. From acoustic surveys in 2020, 3,686 bat passes were detected.
  • Survey information on bat occupancy in the bat boxes and apartments, plus acoustic information along the wetlands, provides ongoing data for the site. This information is used to monitor changing population trends in the area.