Balcones Operations

New Braunfels, Texas, United States

Certified Silver through 2023

Project Name
Project Type
Pollinator Gardens
Texas Savannah
Other Habitats
Migratory Bird Nesting
Nature Center
Awareness & Community Engagement
About the Program

The Balcones Operations site is located in Texas and is between Edwards Plateau and the Blackland Prarie ecoregions. The climate in this area is warm, marine subhumid and the land is generally flat. Typical habitat areas include savannah in wetland and riparian areas and the projects by Balcones have embraced this. 

Practices and Impacts
  • The pollinator garden includes a landscaped area the focuses on providing safe and primarily native habitat for pollinator species and promoting biodiversity. The garden was started in 2016 and has grown significantly through the addition of new plant species and the close monitoring of any health issues that are then managed. The total area of this project is .138 acres. 
  • The Texas Savannah habitat project has focused on creating a habitat that focuses on native Texas grasses and the unique Savannah environment in the area. 
  • The avian species project focuses on providing habitat for native bird species in the area. This project includes the yearly monitoring of the species using the habitat area by a bird specialist. The project includes a 10-acre restored prairie and numerous nesting structures. 
  • The education and awareness project includes a nature center and access to the habitats on site. This project embraces the habitats as areas to engage staff, community members, and students while educating them on the importance of biodiversity and habitat protection.