Clinchfield Cement Plant

Clinchfield, Georgia, United States

Certified through 2022

Project Name
Project Type
Georgia Black Bear
About the Program
The Clinchfield Cement Plant operated by Cemex is located in central Georgia encompassing a 3,300 acres of land of which 2,000 acres are managed for forestland wildlife in the Ocmulgee River basin. This area is home to many species of native wildlife dependent on bottomland floodplain and upland hardwood forests. Forests here are dominated by oak trees which provide an important seasonal food sources (acorns). A new highway extension project bisects the area posing a potential wildlife movement barrier for black bears among other wildlife species. Overarching conservation objectives include understanding the movement, habitat use and selection and genetic makeup of the local black bear population. 

Practices and Impacts
  • In conjunction with local wildlife experts (GA DNR), state transportation agency and the University of Georgia, Cemex has monitored and studied the local black bear population to better understand the impact of the highway expansion project, including scientifically rigorous study of black bear movement and habitat use and a genetic study of local black bear population (hair snaring and analysis).
  • Published research on road crossing design and placement, habitat use and potential impacts from road expansion.
  • The team has 3-4 sites on property that are set with baits stations & cameras to track the movement of black bears. These sites are monitored weekly.
  • Monitoring data showed a decrease in black bear activity through 2018-2019. It is believed that control burns could possibly be a issue. According to wildlife biologist, GA DNR will be backing off the control burns in the future to see the effect on the bear activity and movement in central Georgia.