General Motors Company

GM Mexico Silao

Silao, Guanajuato, Mexico

Certified Silver through 2023

Project Name
Project Type
Laguna de contención.
Wetlands & Water Bodies
Regeneración Parque Ecológico Bicentenario
Other Habitats
About the Program
The General Motors Silao plant in Guanajuato, Mexico borders two protected natural areas and is committed to guaranteeing the preservation and conservation of Mexico's natural heritage. The region is characterized by high elevation and relics of temperate broadleaf forests, which are of great importance for tourism. The Silao facility is also adjacent to an aquifer and dam which attracts over 200 species of birds and supports recreational fishing. In addition to maintaining green areas on-site, the GM team has participated in reforestation activities in Parque Guanajuato Bicentenario (Guanajuato Bicentennial Park) since 2012.

Practices and Impacts
  • Using land that previously had little habitat value, the team has created several green areas on-site to allow employees to connect with nature and provide a habitat for wildlife. These four areas contain native and exotic plants specifically selected, with the help of a consultant, for their adaptation to the climate. Activities in these areas include wildlife monitoring, planting and maintenance and educational outreach. The areas are monitored yearly.
  • Among these areas is a renovated area previously used for parking infrastructure. This project contains a pond with over 100 koi fish and aquatic vegetation. Employees record birds and animals frequenting the area.
  • General Motors adopted an area of 6 hectares in Parque Guanajuato Bicenatario, the Bicentennial Park Materials Bank, with the objective of restoring the abandoned material bank to serve as habitat for pollinators including the Mexican long-nosed bat. Employees and the general community have participated in two reforestation events since 2018, in addition to receiving educational training about pollinators and their habitats and learning forest fire prevention techniques.
  • The team constructed and maintains a containment pond to manage stormwater runoff and prevent flooding and erosion while offering a habitat for native and migratory flora and fauna.