DTE Energy

Huron Renewable Energy Center

Bad Axe, Michigan, United States

Certified through 2022

Project Name
Project Type
Pollinator Garden
Bluebird Box Project
About the Program 
The Huron Renewable Energy Center is a facility of the Detroit-based energy company DTE Energy. The site is located in Bad Axe, Michigan, east of Saginaw Bay and 50 miles north of the urban center Detroit. At the Huron Renewable Energy Center, the team has sought to help reverse the decline of the pollinator species that are vital to ecological and agricultural processes, and it has committed to supporting declining native songbirds. In order to accomplish these goals, the team has transformed a parcel of ecologically-depleted land into a diverse pollinator habitat patch by planting an array of native species in a compact landscaped garden. The Huron Renewable Energy Center program consists of 650 square feet of pollinator habitat and two Blue Bird nesting boxes.

Practices and Impacts
  • In order to aid threatened pollinators, the team at Huron Renewable Energy Center has converted bare land into a diverse landscaped habitat composed of exclusively native plant species. This habitat patch will provide pollinator species with the resources needed to forage and breed.  The patch is actively monitored and maintained as needed. 
  • To further their commitment to avian species, the team has installed two nesting boxes that have created breeding and nesting sites for the Eastern bluebird. The nest boxes were installed near the pollinator garden to allow for foraging. This species has been in decline in recent decades in part because of nesting habitat. Through this project, the team has helped both this generation of Eastern bluebirds and the next. The nest boxes are actively monitored through the year.