Summit Materials

Alleyton Resources

Richmond, Texas, United States

Certified through 2022

Project Name
Project Type
Alleyton Pollinator Garden
Pollinator Awareness
Awareness & Community Engagement
About the Program
Alleyton Resources is a company specializing in ready mix concrete and aggregates. Based throughout the Houston, Texas metropolitan area, they operate 20 sites focusing on the production of mix concrete, sand, and gravel. Central to their company values, the team is interested in habitat conservation, supporting native wildlife species, and educating their local community about the importance of biodiversity work.

Practices and Impacts
  • The team manages a 176 square foot pollinator garden on site. Composed of a variety of native plant species, the garden flora targets a variety of different pollinator species. On average, approximately 25 different taxa of pollinators visit the garden annually, including monarch butterflies. In upcoming months, the team will improve upon the garden by adding in organic compost, wood chips, and leaf matter.
  • The team is dedicated to using their pollinator garden to promote and educate employees about the importance of pollinator species. While in the past, they have focused on disseminating information about pollinators via electronic communication, in 2019, the team hosted a Sustainability booth during their Employee Appreciation Day for the first time. In addition to learning about the garden on site, employees and their families engaged in a local scavenger hunt, dressed up like pollinators, and took home native pollinator seed mixes for their own gardens.