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Cornejo Wildlife Project

Wichita, Kansas, United States

Certified Silver through 2022

Project Name
Project Type
Blue Bird Nest Boxes
Cornejo Pollinator Garden
Cornejo Pollinator Garden

About the Program
Located in Wichita, Kansas and along the Arkansas River is the Cornejo property that includes an abandoned sand plant. The western side of the property includes an active sand plant. The property is working to reclaim the mine land and conserve it as natural habitat for native species. The site includes a 13-acre pond, 2.44 acre wetland, and a 32 acre forested landscape. The team members at Cornejo monitor and maintain Bluebird nest boxes and a landscaped pollinator garden that supports native pollinator species.

Practices and Impacts

  • Three Bluebird boxes are monitored during the breeding season. Regular maintenance is performed at the end of the season and predator guards were added to protect the boxes. Nearby habitat of a lake and wetland area that has native vegetation, supports the nest boxes. The project saw success with 15 Bluebird nestlings hatched during 2018-2020. 
  • The team members created a 10’ x 20’ landscaped garden planted with a variety of native plant species to provide a suitable habitat for pollinators. The site is managed through typical activities of watering, weeding, and mulching and team members monitor plants for survival and replace as needed. 
  • Within the landscaped pollinator garden, team members have installed a bee house for native bees and monitor specifically for pollinator species. Additional plants were added that support pollinators including Coneflowers, Butterfly Bush, and Beard-tongue. Team members record their observations on the Insight Citizen Science app to help people engage in pollinator research and conservation and maintain collected observations.