Georgia-Pacific King Highway Landfill

Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States

Certified Silver through 2022

Project Name
Project Type
Georgia Pacific King Highway Bat House Build
About the Program
The site is within a wetland complex, Georgia Pacific King Highway Wetland.  The conservation objective is to conserve and protect local bats while providing a healthy and safe home and ecosystem for them to live in. The Senior Project Manager is engaged in all aspects of the project development and implementation. Partners (Tetra Tech, John Bradburn, BCI, WHC, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, their parents, and some Tt employees) are engaged in project planning, and implementation.  The project aligns with the Community Bat Programs of BC, Bat Conservation International, and Bat World Sanctuary.
Georgia Pacific King Highway Bat House Build: The conservation education objective to is to provide scouts, and adults an opportunity to increase knowledge about local bats, bat houses, and local bat projects, while also increasing their skill level for building bat houses. The project supports badge/patch requirements for Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. Employees and Partner (John Bradburn) are engaged in the one-day event. The Bat Box event is held at the Tetra Tech Ann Arbor office. The project aligns with Bat Conservation International ( through the Bat Squad initiative.

Practices and Impacts
  • Georgia Pacific King Highway Bats Conservation: The Team researched types of boxes best for the bats and at which locations, and relied on guidance from bat experts. The Team installed 4 multichambered bat boxes onsite in 2019, placed near the river, riverbank, and forest area. The fence line and area vegetation under the poles are mowed and clear cut. The site is gated, not open to public. The Team maintained the boxes in 2020 by cleaning out a wasp nest and webs. Monitoring of the boxes, bat activity, is conducted 3 times per season from spring-fall.
  • Georgia Pacific King Highway Bat House Build: Handouts about bats and a pre-learning and post-learning survey are provided to participants. The learners participate in bat box construction. An evaluation of the event show gaps in knowledge about bats and future learning events to fill gaps.  The Team is planning virtual learning in 2021 including pictures and live videos.