California Resources Corporation

Barlow Canyon Oak Woodlands Restoration

Ventura, California, United States

Certified through 2022

Project Name
Project Type
Barlow Canyon Oak Woodlands Restoration
About the Program
California Resources Corporation's (CRC) Barlow Canyon Oak Woodland Restoration site, managed in partnership with Rancho Ventura Conservation Trust (RVCT), is located in the hills approximately 1.8 miles from the City of Ventura, CA. The 0.33 acre restoration site is part of RVCT's 1,612 acres of protected land. Since 2017,CRC and RVCT have worked jointly to plan, execute, manage, and monitor the site in order to preserve and expand coastal live oak woodland habitat, while increasing native species diversity and gaining knowledge about effective oak woodland restoration strategies.

Practices and Impacts
  • In 2017, CRC and RVCT launched a project to restore coastal oak woods habitat. Thirty coast live oaks and 7 California sycamores were planted in an 0.3 acre. Most of the trees were killed by a wildfire later that year, and the team re-planted the following spring.
  • Gophers were seen to cause damage to the first planting, so guards were placed on the replanted trees.
  • The planting is monitored by photography on a quarterly basis.
  • As the trees establish, native herbaceous plants are introduced. It is anticipated that the lessons from this restoration of native oak woodland can be applied to larger efforts in the future.
  • Team members perform bi-weekly maintenance, including fixing infrastructure, weeding, and checking the watering system.