Style Guide

How to use elements and media on the website

  • Use images no bigger than 200-300 kb
  • Use JPEG for images and PNG for logos and icons
  • Use image ratio 16:10 (1600×1000 or 800×500) when possible for consistency
  • Use landscape image 16:10 for featured image
  • When using video for the website, try to link it and host the video on external platforms like YouTube and Vimeo
  • Always use only one H1 tag on a page or post.
  • Make sure the page’s structure is easy for both users and bots to understand.
  • Add ALT tag to each image. Alt text for images improves accessibility and image SEO
  • Add meta description to each page (Yoast SEO plugin at the bottom). Meta tags should describe what pages are about.
  • Use simple URL structure.

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