Nature Steward Alliance

Empowering biodiversity-based actions throughout the life sciences and healthcare value chain

The Nature Steward Alliance is an industry-focused collaborative effort with goals to:

  • Advance nature and biodiversity awareness and education
  • Empower conservation actions
  • Promote long-term company sustainability practices

Conceived and developed by leading life sciences and healthcare companies, including Avantor, Corning, Cytiva, GSK and MilliporeSigma (the U.S. and Canada Life Science business of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany), in partnership with WHC.

nature Steward Alliance Logo

The Alliance offers a valuable and timely platform for companies and their suppliers to engage on nature.

How the Alliance will empower people and help nature

  • Connect companies to biodiversity uplift activities
  • Provide guidance and support for on-the-ground engagement
  • Heighten understanding of sustainability, biodiversity and timely topics, such as emerging biodiversity frameworks
  • Increase preparedness of members along the supply chain to align with emerging frameworks like TNFD and SBTN


Direction of the Alliance

Companies can begin their biodiversity journey at different points. To support immediate on the ground action, the Nature Steward Alliance has begun by developing actionable tools for supporting biodiversity related projects and education at the site level (operations). As the Alliance continues to grow, so will the breadth of support and resources that are provided across the biodiversity journey (corporate citizenship, business management).

Biodiversity Journey Infographic

For more information about the Nature Steward Alliance, contact Shaun Clark  |

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