5 Innovative Approaches to Habitat Regeneration

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Gain greater competency in habitat restoration in a way that is easy to understand through this innovative approach to habitat regeneration success. Specifically, learn how to prioritize your land-management projects, from gathering baseline data to flora and fauna invasive species control to long-term protection and maintenance of your conservation investment. Our expert presenter will share critical steps to habitat regeneration, and how you can incorporate the latest technology and best management practices to ensure you accomplish your conservation goals every step along the continuum.

Join Gene as he shares his years of experience from real-world projects and case studies as you learn:

  • An easy-to-understand theory and step-by-step process behind planning a restoration/conservation project and why some steps may need to be addressed before others can succeed
  • The latest technology and how it can help you monitor from baseline analysis to each benchmark, helping to minimize efforts and save resources
  • How to mark your success at each stage of the often long-term process of habitat restoration
  • Tactics on how to demonstrate your success to others, retain project interest and build upon it


  • Gene Huntington, Ecological Landscape Architect and Partner at Steward Green, Accredited Professional for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

View the webinar

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