Bats and Agave: Nectar Corridors and Cultural Connections in the Southwest

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In Mexico and the American southwest, agave serves as a crucial nectar source for pollinators, particularly long-nosed bats. The continued decline in agave availability threatens long-nosed bat populations. This webinar will demonstrate how corporate conservation programs in Arizona, New Mexico, western Texas and Mexico can join the growing and critical initiative to support bat populations by restoring the agave nectar corridor.

Presentation slides are available in both Spanish and English.

You’ll learn:

  • How to effectively plant, monitor and maintain agave on your site for habitat restoration
  • How to align activities to broader habitat connectivity/nectar corridor efforts
  • The ecological relationship between bats and agave
  • The cultural significance of agave in Mexican communities


  • Mylea Bayless, Senior Director of Network and Partnerships, Bat Conservation International

For more information about the importance of agave to bats, read Mylea’s guest blog post “Save a Bat, Plant an Agave.”

View the webinar

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