A bat in tree

Why Bats Matter: Protection and Awareness Strategies

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Bats are unique creatures. They are also very valuable creatures, both ecologically and economically. However, because of historical and human threats, bats need our help. This webinar will walk you through what makes bats special, why they need our help, and updates on current threats. Our bat expert will also discuss conservation and community engagement opportunities that you can implement to protect bats and increase awareness.

You’ll learn:

  • What makes bats unique, from their habitat and roosting to hibernation
  • About white-nose syndrome and its spread
  • Strategies to protect bats and enhance their natural habitats
  • Ways to spread the word, including joining National Bat Week Activities (October 26-November 1)


  • McKenzie Hall, NJ DEP, Division of Fish and Wildlife, Endangered and Nongame Species Program

View the webinar

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