Project EduBat: Learn and Share About the Benefits of Bats

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This webinar is designed for those interested in teaching about bats. It is presented by the U.S. Forest Service, a partner of the Wildlife Habitat Council.

Bats are amazing animals that are vital to the health of our environment and economy – eating tons of insects nightly, pollinating flowers, and spreading seeds that that grow new plants and even trees. But bats are in decline and we need to heighten awareness through education. Project EduBat is a turn-key toolkit designed to help anyone teach about the benefits of bats. Project EduBat has all the tools you need inspire others to become a champion for bats.

You’ll learn:

  • All about bats, the conservation threats they face and how you can help them
  • Award-winning educational activities to engage both children and adults in bat conservation
  • How to obtain a Project EduBat trunks


  • Cynthia Sandeno, District Ranger, U.S. Forest Service
  • Andrea Futrell, Curriculum developer, Project EduBat

View the webinar

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