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Beyond the Roosting Box: Next Level Bat Monitoring with Acoustic Technology

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Take your bat project to the next level! Deepen your understanding of bat habitat and learn rigorous monitoring techniques of the bat population. During this webinar, presented by Wildlife Acoustics, Bat Conservation International, Organization for Bat Conservation and WHC, you’ll learn:

  • How to use the latest in moderately priced and user-friendly acoustic technology to rigorously track your bat population with scientific accuracy
  • How to conduct an inventory of your habitat to learn more how it supports bats

(Although designed for corporate habitat volunteers and their partners, all citizen scientists are invited to attend this webinar on scientific monitoring of bat populations and habitat assessment.)


  • Robert Gierschick, Wildlife Acoustics
  • Sherwood Snyder, Wildlife Acoustics
  • Mylea Bayless, Bat Conservation International
  • Rob Mies, Organization for Bat Conservation
  • Thelma Redick, Wildlife Habitat Council

View the webinar

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