Business and Biodiversity: A Critical Partnership for the Future

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In today’s competitive landscape, engaging in corporate conservation is emerging as an innovative approach to meet both business and environmental needs. Indeed, corporate spending on sustainability and circular economy initiatives is on the rise — and yielding increased sales and cost savings. Demonstrating leadership in corporate conservation is crucial to meeting sustainability goals and achieving stakeholder collaboration.

You’ll learn:

  • Links between conservation program investment and business benefits, including cost savings, risk reduction, increased employee engagement and productivity
  • How biodiversity-based programs offer the advantage of flexibility not only to adapt to different size companies, operations and lands, but also across types of landscapes
  • How to use the WHC model to create measurable, meaningful conservation and community engagement projects
  • Tools available to get started in building your business case for biodiversity-based programs


  • Thelma Redick, Senior Director, Conservation Content and Partnerships, Wildlife Habitat Council

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