Become a WHC Webinar Series sponsor

Sponsorship of the WHC Webinar Series supports valuable learning opportunities, allows WHC to provide webinars free of charge, attracts expert speakers, and uses the most advanced online meeting technology available.

WHC webinars offer guidance and instruction on a wide spectrum of corporate conservation topics for both new and experienced conservation volunteers. Webinar sponsors demonstrate a commitment to professional development and environmental stewardship.

Gain valuable brand exposure

  • Sponsor recognized during live webinars, in recorded webinars, website, marketing emails and social media posts, resulting in over 800K engagements
  • Sponsor logo and/or literature featured prominently during live webinar on new interactive viewing platform (to launch Spring 2024)
  • Recognition of sponsorship at WHC Conservation Conference

Benefit from year-round promotion

  • Minimum of 24 emails a year, each to over 16K corporate contacts
  • Webinars available on-demand and include the identical sponsor promotion as the live webinars, including sponsor mentions and logo/literature views
  • Press releases to 300K+ media outlets focused on sustainability and ESG via 3BL Media
  • Postings on all WHC social media channels

A Proven Success

  • Over 8,000 learners reached annually via live and on-demand offerings
  • Large events attract up to 500 participants
  • 75+ on-demand webinars available on
  • Content evaluated at 96% effectiveness rating
  • Expert speakers from WHC members, NGOs, gov’t., universities and other organizations

WHC Webinar Series — Topics for 2024

  • WHC Methodologies
  • Building Strong Partnerships
  • Building a Nest Box Challenge
  • Native Landscaping
  • Microforests
  • Being a Non-Traditional Conservationist (BIPOC)
  • Bat Week
  • Community-Focused Projects
  • Preparing for COP16
  • Biodiversity 101
  • Technology to Advance Conservation
  • Frameworks and Nature Metrics

All live and on-demand webinars are free of charge thanks to the generous sponsorship of:


Contact us to explore a WHC Webinar Series sponsorship, as well as other WHC sponsorship opportunities.

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