Creating Bat-Friendly Gardens and Urban Habitats to Help Prevent Bat Extinction

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Bats are a sign of a healthy and functioning ecosystem – they help with pest control, reducing the need for insecticide, and their guano is an excellent organic fertilizer, among many other benefits bats offer to people and nature. With nearly 200 species threatened with extinction, corporate landowners have an opportunity to contribute to bat conservation in a meaningful way. In this webinar, bat experts will share the basics of creating a bat garden, bat-friendly considerations for lighting buildings and landscapes, and the importance of urban habitats such as parks and golf courses.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to create a bat garden
  • The impact of light pollution on bat species
  • The role of urban bat habitats
  • How to support bats in advance of Bat Week, October 24-31, 2022

Who should take this webinar:

  • Corporate site teams that want to protect bat populations
  • Anyone interested in learning more about bat habitats


  • Erin Cord, Community Engagement Manager, Bat Conservation International
  • Frank Ridgley, DVM, Zoo Conservation and Veterinary Services Manager, Conservation and Research Department, Zoo Miami

View the webinar

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