Project Guidances

Green Infrastructure Project Guidance

Green infrastructure is an approach to mitigating environmental challenges using vegetation, soils and natural processes as part of a living engineered solution.

Integrated Vegetation Management Project Guidance

Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM) is a system of land management generally associated with infrastructure corridors, now ubiquitous across the landscape, including pipeline, transmission and rail.

Awareness and Community Engagement Project Guidance

Awareness and community engagement projects target a wide variety of learners who attend conservation-themed events and tours involving the corporate habitat.

Land Conservation Agreements Project Guidance

Enhanced or permanent protection of corporate lands through land conservation agreements means that companies have voluntarily chosen to temporarily or permanently prevent development of an identified property or group of properties.

Remediation Project Guidance

Remediation involves the cleanup of contaminants from environmental media such as soil, groundwater, sediment or surface water, with the goal of protecting human health and the environment.

Avian Project Guidance

Avian species, commonly known as birds, are found on every continent and play important roles in the world’s ecosystems and cultures.

Bats Project Guidance

Bats are the only mammals with true flight capabilities. With 1,331 species of bats globally, bats can be found in all regions except the polar regions, extreme deserts, and the most remote islands.

Deserts Project Guidance

Deserts are commonly defined as dry regions receiving less than 10 inches of rain per year on average. Deserts generally have sparse plant cover, except in depressions where water accumulates.

Caves and Subterranean Habitats Project Guidance

Natural caves are underground spaces formed by the weathering of rock. They are unique systems that have immense scientific, recreational and wildlife value.

Forest Project Guidance

Forests are an ecosystem type dominated by trees that form a continuous stand or are composed of many stands grouped together.
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