Dueling COPs and the Ministry of Nature: The Question of Jurisdiction over Biodiversity

At the bottom of all these words and declarations lies one simple truth: we need to stop the destruction of nature. We know what the drivers of destruction are. We know where the decision points lie, and we know how to fix and restore nature once its destruction has been halted. But it’s only in the jurisdictions that these things can happen.

Five Hot Topics for Corporate Conservation in 2021

Five key issues that took center stage in 2020 give cause for modest hope and provide signals for businesses looking to advance biodiversity protection and ecosystem restoration in the new year.

It’s Time to Invest in Nature-Based Solutions to Solve the Biodiversity and Climate Crises

The importance of private sector engagement in NbS and NCS for both climate mitigation/adaptation and biodiversity uplift.

What’s next for nature?

From the World Economic Forum in Davos to the Convention for Biological Diversity's COP15 in China, 2020 was meant to be the Super Year for Nature, sending us into 2021 with renewed vigor for our work. But nature had other ideas.

Can the Private Sector Make it a Super Year for Nature?

Now that the dust has settled from this explosive start to what is being billed as a super year for nature, where do we stand? Has anything changed?

State of Corporate Conservation 2019: Make Biodiversity Material

Read the transcript of Margaret O'Gorman's speech given at Conservation Conference 2019 in Baltimore, Maryland.

Opportunity Knocks – A Call to Consider Corporate Lands for Climate Action

There is a big hole in corporate climate action that nature-based approaches can fill with cost-effective solutions that bring copious co-benefits.

Bipartisanship for Biodiversity – Funding Our Future

As we face the global biodiversity crisis it can no longer be business as usual.

The Alarm is Sounding for Nature. Who Will Take the Lead in Materiality, Mainstreaming and Action?

Consumption and land use patterns have created a grave unraveling of the web of life.

What a Bat Monitor Can Teach Us About Inclusion

While we always support and advocate for the PhDs, the professors and the experts, we should never forget to empower and embrace the amateurs, the innovators and the tinkerers.
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