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Covia | Las minas de arena de Wisconsin, el nuevo hogar de los murciélagos

La instalación minera Maiden Rock de Covia en Maiden Rock, Wisconsin, opera como una mina subterránea de arena industrial desde 1999, eliminando y procesando entre 500.000 y 700.000 toneladas de […]

Covia | Wisconsin Sand Mines Home to Thriving Bat Populations

Since 2005, Maiden Rock’s team has worked with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to enhance bat habitat across 650 acres, protecting bats in the tunnels from predators and human disturbance with special gates, bat counts, and monitoring the tunnels for white-nose syndrome – a disease that is devastating bats across the eastern U.S. Léalo en español

Toyota | From Grasslands to Wetlands to Gardens

Located in the rural town of Blue Springs, Mississippi, TEMA’s Toyota Motor Manufacturing Mississippi, Inc. (TMMMS) program encompasses 1,540 acres, with a variety of habitats for wildlife including grasslands, forest, wetlands and stormwater ponds. Léalo en español