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Looking out for Pollinators: Strengthening Pollinator Projects through Monitoring and Citizen Science

On-Demand: Learn the important role that citizen science plays in pollinator conservation.

Community-First Environmental Action – How Crossing the Fence Line Can Create Mutually Beneficial Partnerships

On-Demand: Learn about the challenges that companies face in community engagement, and how an awareness of local needs can help address them

Science For Everyone: Selecting and Implementing Engaging STEM Activities

On-Demand: Learn the value of STEM education initiatives to companies and communities.  

Certification 101: The Basics

On-Demand: This webinar will cover the basics of WHC Conservation Certification, the website and application process.

Proactive Conservation: Supporting At-Risk Species through Collaborative Action

On-Demand: Learn the importance of mitigating the threats that at-risk species face and how corporate lands play a key role.

Bird-Safe Glass and Native Grass: Why Avian Projects Aren’t Just About Nest Boxes

On-Demand: Whether your site has a long-running nest box project but wants to do more, or you’re just beginning to research conservation options, this webinar will provide ideas to get your team thinking outside the nest box.  

All About Monitoring – Capturing Strong Data for Your Certification Application

On-Demand: This webinar will explore what good monitoring is, why it’s important for documenting your success, and how to integrate monitoring into the management of your project and Conservation Certification application.

Underground Wonders: The Importance of Caves and Karst in Bat Conservation

On-Demand: Learn how to protect bat caves and how to enhance bat habitat above the ground, whether in a backyard, corporate landscape or community park.

Nature-Based Pollution Prevention – Tactics for Implementation, Reporting and Partnerships

On-Demand: Learn best practices for nature-based pollution prevention.

Moths as a Performance Indicator: An Intro to Terrestrial Rapid BioAssessment

On-Demand: Translate moth inventories into meaningful baseline data about habitat value while also gaining a new appreciation for moths’ beauty and diversity.
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