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Moths as a Performance Indicator: An Intro to Terrestrial Rapid BioAssessment

On-Demand: Translate moth inventories into meaningful baseline data about habitat value while also gaining a new appreciation for moths’ beauty and diversity.

Best Practices for Education Programming at Corporate Sites

On-Demand: Learn how to create meaningful education projects, from design and outreach to partnerships and evaluation.

Certification 102: Keys to a Good Certification Application

On-Demand: This webinar will focus on items that have the biggest impact on the overall strength of a certification application. Using real-life examples, we will present some of the key areas that can strengthen certification applications to improve scores and best capture your on-the-ground work.

You Can be a Backyard Scientist – A WHC Kid-Friendly Webinar

On-Demand: Join WHC staff for an exciting online scavenger hunt and get tips on how to start your own nature adventure.

Healthy Monarchs, Healthy Planet – Best Practices for Monarch Conservation

On-Demand: Get guidance from Monarch Joint Venture for constructing a monarch-friendly pollinator garden and other ways to support butterflies on corporate lands or in the back yard.

Be a Friend to Cicadas – A WHC Kid-Friendly Webinar

On-Demand: In this webinar, two cicada experts will tell us all about these unique creatures to help us gain a greater appreciation.

Key Tactics for Healthy Soils to Benefit People, Planet and Your Bottom Line

On-Demand: This webinar will explore how soil can be managed to enhance biodiversity, mitigate climate change and safeguard agriculture.

Joining the Dots: Operationalizing Intent for Impact

On-Demand: Join the dots from global corporate ambition to local operation through strategic approaches, toolkits and other support mechanisms, and a deep understanding of the different drivers for action or inaction.

Certification 101: The Basics

On-Demand: This webinar will cover the basics of WHC Conservation Certification, the website and application process. We’ll review what you need to know to successfully apply for conservation while avoiding some of the common shortcomings.

Conservation Can’t Afford to Pause: Keeping Projects Going with Limited Access

On-Demand: Learn tactics to overcome access restrictions at your conservation site/program and how to keep projects going.
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