Certification 102: Keys to a Good Certification Application

On-Demand: This webinar will focus on items that have the biggest impact on the overall strength of a certification application. Using real-life examples, we will present some of the key areas that can strengthen certification applications to improve scores and best capture your on-the-ground work.

From Tequila to Pest Control: Learn all the Ways Bats are Vital to Ecosystems and Economies

On-Demand: In this webinar, bat experts will explore the importance of bats to the health of ecosystems and share the latest information on the links between wild animals and disease.

Water Conservation and STEM: Turning Students into Water Stewards

On-Demand: Learn about importance of water conservation education.

Certification 101: The Basics

On-Demand: This webinar will cover the basics of WHC Conservation Certification, the website and application process. We’ll review what you need to know to successfully apply for conservation while avoiding some of the common shortcomings.

Getting Buy-In From the Top: How to Gain Approval for Conservation Projects

On-Demand: Learn how to identify and communicate the concepts of corporate conservation and its company-wide benefits.

White Paper | Small Scales, Big Impacts

Thinking "smaller" provides private corporate landowners an accessible starting point for action. These actions could develop into gateways for conservation on larger landscapes, and for repetition of small acts of conservation across multiple locations. Designing small for biodiversity is a low risk exercise that can have a high rate of return when a successful small project can be highlighted as an unique but welcome addition to a corporate workplace. DOWNLOAD

Climate Change Resiliency Through the Power of Nature | Sponsored by ArcelorMittal

On-Demand: Join our expert speaker to learn how companies can harness the power of nature to build resilience.

Beyond the Pollinator Garden: How to Make the Greatest Impacts for Bees and Butterflies

On-Demand: Join our panel of experts from the Pollinator Partnership to learn about recent developments in pollinator conservation.

Masters of Disguise: Animals that Use Camouflage and Color – A WHC Kid-Friendly Webinar

On-Demand: Some animals use camouflage to disguise their appearance and blend in seamlessly to their surroundings while others use bright colors and bold patterns to warn off predators. In this webinar, join our friends from Project WILD to learn about these amazing animals.

White Paper | Native Grasslands Conservation

Grasslands are one of the most common habitat types in the world and one of the most threatened. An opportunity exists for corporations to manage privately owned grasslands in nature-friendly ways that will realize multiple values for many stakeholders, including benefits to climate change mitigation and adaptation, stormwater run-off, cost savings and aesthetics. DOWNLOAD
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